ProTemp Products, Inc. is a privately owned U.S. corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, Ca. that has been serving the semiconductor and solar industries since 1973. We take our ability to be flexible seriously as it has proven to be the best way to serve the ever-changing requirements of our industry. To better support our customers in SE Asia ProTemp opened a sales, service and manufacturing facility in Wuxi, China in 2005.

Throughout the world, microelectronics and solar cell manufacturers have come to rely on ProTemp Products for state-of-the-art equipment, reliable delivery, total support and competitive pricing.

ProTemp is a worldwide supplier for state-of-the-art equipment used in the manufacture of solar cells. Our SolaReactorâ„¢ PECVD and POCl3 systems are widely used for small R&D to large production run requirements.

ProTemp Products Furnace Division has supplied over 250 systems worldwide configured as Atmospheric, LPCVD, PECVD, High Temperature and Special Applications in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

ProTemp Products Solar Equipment Division supplies Anti-Reflective coating and POCl3 deposition systems used worldwide in the solar cell industry.

ProTemp Products Refurbished Furnace Division has in-house facilities for refurbishing or reconfiguring a customer’s diffusion furnace or PECVD system. This includes upgrading to larger wafer processing capability, process reconfiguration, adding automatic loading systems and upgrading controls.

ProTemp Products Element Division is a major supplier of heating elements to end-users worldwide as well as many of the furnace manufacturers and rebuilders.

ProTemp Products Gas Flow Division offers its Model 6200E & 6400E mass flow controllers that may be configured to accurately control a wide range (0-50 SLM) of many types of gas flow applications.

ProTemp (Wuxi) Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a fully staffed sales and service facility thatoffers one of the most complete service and calibration facilities for all brands of mass flow controllers in China, all our work is performed using primary standards with traceable accuracy to NISST/ANSI.

We certainly appreciate your interest in ProTemp Products and hope you will not hesitate to contact us if we can offer futher assistance or information.Click to see a partial listing of ProTemp’s globally distributed customers.