1973 - Incorporated Corso-Gray Instruments

  • Manufactured State-of-the-Art Diffusion Furnace gas control systems
  • First to introduce automated Pyrogenic Oxidation Gas Systems

1977 - Introduced 4-Stack Diffusion Furnace for 6” wafer processing.

  • Sold over 50 tools by 1982

1982 - Sold company to Pacific Western System in Mountain View, CA.

  • Developed Retro-kit PECVD system for Diffusion Furnaces
  • Developed various processes for Semiconductor and Solar Cell manufacturing, including:

– Silicon Nitride
– Oxi-Nitride
– Silicon Dioxide
– Poly Silicon (doped and un-doped)

1992 - Bought product line back from PWS. Re-named company ProTemp Products.

  • Rebuilt all brands of Diffusion Furnaces (Horizontal and Vertical)
  • Rebuilt all brands of PECVD tools for use in Semiconductor and Solar Cell
  • industries
  • Shipped POCl3 systems to Indian solar cell manufacturer

1997 - Purchased WREPS company to manufacture replacement heating elements.

2000 - Introduced new SolaReactor™ POCl3 and PECVD tools for 6” and 8” processing of
Solar Cell substrates.
Introduced new Sirius™ Diffusion Furnace for 6” and 8” processing of
Semiconductor wafers

2005 - Opened sales and service office in Wuxi, China with a fully equipped mass flow
controller calibration/repair facility.

2008 - Partnered with Mactronix (Richardson, TX) to develop cassette-to-cassette fully
automated loading systems for Siriusâ„¢ and SolaReactorâ„¢ furnace systems.

2009 - Introduced our new light gauge heating element with a 2-year warranty, the
longest warranty of any element supplier in the industry.

2009 –  Introduced the TempTronicsâ„¢ 2900LS liquid source temperature controller.

2010 – Finalized a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Gebr. Schmid of Germany to
incorporate our SolaReactorâ„¢ POCl3 furnace into their complete solar cell
manufacturing line.

2011 - Sold the light gauge heating element line to Rex Materials. ProTemp will continue to
manufacture and market the heavy gauge elements.