Project Description

Assures repeatable insertion of wafers into the furnace for consistent process results

General Features

  • Drive System includes a DC drive motor with a precision leadscrew drive. This assures consistent torque throughout speed range
  • Manual panel (independent from computer control) with independent adjustments for in and out speeds: ½–40 in/min.(12–1016mm/min.)
  • Interface to process controller for one-button operation
The ProTemp Automatic Loader System is available in Pusher/Puller, Twin-rod Cantilever Soft-Lander and Paddle Cantilever models.

Cantilever Features

  • Accurate alignment between the loader and the furnace is extremely critical to assure consistent temperature and gas flow characteristics. Maintaining these characteristics accurately will assure consistent and repeatable film depositions.
  • Critical alignment between the cantilever drive rail assembly and process tube centerline is simple, quick and extremely accurate.
  • The head assembly enables twin-rod parallelism to be easily adjusted with minimum effort.
  • Wafer load changes and initial setup can be easily accomplished.

Tube Seal – Atmospheric

A spring loaded mechanism for the quartz end plate tensioning assembly assures positive contact with the process tube during cantilever operation without operator assistance. This minimizes potential particulate contamination of the wafers/process.

Tube Seal – LPCVD

A bellows-sealed stainless steel door assembly assures positive contact with the vacuum flange assembly during cantilever operation without operator assistance. This assures positive sealing for process tube pump-down.