Project Description

The SolaReactorâ„¢ offers leading edge technology Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) and POCl3 Deposition systems designed to optimize throughput and enhance cell efficiency in the production of photovoltaic films

Designed specifically for the solar industry, the SolaReactorâ„¢ deposits a superior PECVD AR film and low sheet resistance POCl3 deposition to produce highly efficient solar cells. The SolaReactorâ„¢ provides increased yields and superior reflective value films, compared with atmospheric TiNitride process. The SolarReactorâ„¢ includes a baseline process to produce one of the most efficient AR coatings available. The POCl3 configuration controls the sheet resistance to a high degree of accuracy.

  • Compact: floor space required is less than 4.2m² (45.9 ft²). Overall height 2.3m (90″)
  • May be configured for left hand or right hand, stand-alone or through-wall installation
  • May be configured to deposit a dual refractive index PECVD ARC film
  • Each tube level microprocessor controlled for functional capability and ease of operation
  • HOST computer with with flat screen and keyboard/mouse controls (touch screen available).
  • POCl3 and PECVD processes available in the same system frame
  • Accommodates substrates up to 200mm diameter/diagonal — psuedo-square 156mm2
  • Large bore system available accommodates substrates up to 300mm diameter/diagonal
  • Processes either poly-crystalline or mono-crystalline substrates
  • Deposited/un-deposited substrate boats exchanged in <10 seconds
  • Incorporates proven technologies developed over the last 40 years in the semiconductor and solar industries

Additional Technical Information

  • SolaReactorâ„¢ Technical Detail
  • Anti-reflective Coating Information
  • The POCL3 process
  • System Outline Drawing

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Complete ARC Film Deposition System Features

  • POCl3 & PECVD configuration capability
  • In-line load station
  • Per tube microprocessor controls with a HOST computer
  • FasTempâ„¢ low thermal mass heating elements
  • Gas cabinet with plumbing and MFC controlled gas systems
  • Independent s/s scavenger at each tube level (POCl3 configuration)
  • T/C Trackâ„¢ thermocouple system

The PECVD gas cabinet encloses the process/temperature controls, RF generator controllers, vacuum valve controllers, gas systems and HOST computer. The system includes individual SCR power packs for each zone and redundant over-temperature system for each zone and cabinet temperature. These features are independent of the PC control system.

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